Working to change the way women recieve prenatal and postpartum care throughout their pregnancy and postpartum.


Every woman has unique needs, and each stage of pregnancy and postpartum requires a focused and customized level of care. We are here to guide you through every moment.

ensuring that you are

comfortable, confident, and cared for in a way that suits you. 

As a concierge practice, we work closely with our clients in conjunction with their OBGYN to provide the personal level of care that every woman deserves. We provide quality prenatal and postpartum consulting at a time and place that is comfortable and convenient for our patients. Our board-certified, experienced providers follow recommended practice guidelines from American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) and American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM).

Prenatal Consulting

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Comprehensive care, in your home or virtually.  

We provide:

We will always meet you where you are, providing prenatal consulting in your home or virtually. Our providers will follow up with you prior to and after each visit with your OBGYN. We will help you ask the right questions for you, and most importantly, help you get the right answers to address your questions and concerns at all stages of your pregnancy and postpartum. 

-  In home or virtual consults prior to and after your prenatal visit with your OBGYN
-  Support for high risk pregnancies
-  Childbirth education
-  Birth doula services
-  Pregnancy fitness & nutrition
-  Nursery and home organization services
-  Event planning for gender reveal celebrations and/or baby showers

HOW can we help?

Postpartum Preparation


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Comprehensive and active management during the postpartum period

Our providers will help you build your village and guide you through the important “Fourth Trimester”. Since we take a holistic approach to pregnancy and parenting, we know how much is required to support parents during this transitional period and to decrease the risk of postpartum depression. If your needs include a traditional or cultural postpartum resting period, postpartum doula, newborn care specialist/night nanny (formerly known as night nurse), our providers will coordinate all of your care. 

we provide:

-  Postpartum clinical support (in home/virtually)
-  Postpartum doula
-  Newborn care specialist/Night nanny
-  Long-term nanny services
-  Sleep consultation
-  Pelvic floor rehabilitation for mothers
-  Postpartum fitness 
-  Traditional/Cultural Postpartum Care
-  Traditional belly bending
-  Education on traditional ways to “wear” your infant

Sexual Wellness & Pelvic Health

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gentle, non-invasive treatments and procedures

Vaginal Rejuvenation
-  EmpowerRF by InMode
-  Mona Lisa Touch
-  Votiva 

Sexual Wellness
-  Personalized Coaching
-  Hormone optimization with bioidentical hormones

Pelvic Health
-  Overactive bladder
-  Urinary incontinence
-  Vaginismus

Postpartum Recovery
-  Pelvic floor rehabilitation
-  Treatment of diastasis recti

Cosmetical Gynecology
-  Labiaplasty
-  Vaginoplasty 

For professionals and businesses

Next-Level Care


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looking to take your career as a nurse, doula, or nanny to the next level? 

Obaatan Women's Wellness Collective offers personal coaching and courses to help you elevate your skills, business, and earning potential.

Is your clinic looking to expand its prenatal or maternal health services?:

Obaatan Women's Wellness Collective offers consulting services to help your practice offer the robust services that patients and clients expect today. 

Elaine has a wonderful touch, and brings great care to her work.

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