Working to change the way women receive care throughout their pregnancy and postpartum.

Every woman has unique needs, and each stage of pregnancy and postpartum requires a focused and customized level of care. We are here to guide you through every moment.

luxury services with traditional care

The first few weeks with a new baby can be overwhelming as moms adjust to their role of
caring for their tiny baby, often with very little rest and minimal sleep.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or have multiple children, imagine how different this experience could be if you not only had a caring and understanding partner to support you, but a professional postpartum expert providing luxury care in the comfort of your own home?

Our postpartum nannies are on hand at all hours of the day to deliver thoughtful advice, support you with breastfeeding, prepare delicious home-cooked meals, assist with cleaning and laundry, provide postpartum baths for mom and baby, and most importantly, care for
your baby at night so you can get the adequate sleep needed for you to be at your best.

It sounds like a mom’s fantasy, right?

We believe this is not a fantasy, but a necessity. With locations throughout the United States, our mission is to bridge the gap between eastern and western postpartum traditions. Our postpartum care is based on the Asian and African models of caring for the mother and baby. This care stems from the practice of “confinement,” an ancient tradition where grandmothers, in-laws and the wider extended family looked closely after the new mom for the first 30 to 90 days of their baby's birth. We firmly believe that caring for mom, baby, and family is critical to ensuring a happy, healthy, and productive postpartum.

Care for Baby

Day & Night Baby Care

Breastfeeding Support

24/7 care for your newborn’s well-being, including feeding, diaper care, bathing, and recording baby’s activities in a daily log

Breastfeeding can be overwhelming, and our nannies are here to support and guide you through this beautiful, yet sometimes complicated process

Newborn Care Guidance

Nannies will provide you with helpful tips and wisdom on how to care for your precious newborn

HOW can we help?

Care for Mom

postpartum meals

Our nanny will prepare delicious nutritious meals for you and your partner, take care of all the cleaning after meals so you can focus on recovering and enjoying your family

Postpartum Herbal Tonics

Preparation of nourishing teas and herbal soups to support your recovery

Postpartum Bath

Our nanny will prepare herbal baths for you to help promote circulation and postpartum healing

Care for Home

Laundry Services

A new baby means lots of laundry! Leave the laundry for mom, dad, and baby to our nanny. She will carefully wash, hang, and fold the family’s laundry. Leaving you time to enjoy the precious moments with your family.

Domestic chores

Our nanny will manage basic household chores like sweeping and mopping floors twice a week.

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Stay Connected

$99 Per Month

Unlimited texting support with our team of Certified Nurse Midwives, Nurse
Practitioners, & Physical Therapist

Elaine has a wonderful touch, and brings great care to her work.

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